Top 10 Best Bread Knives in 2017 Reviews

Bread knives occupy a crucial role in the kitchen. What defines kitchen knives is their serrated blade that gives them a low-tooth edge that can slice through most rugged items and fine ones. The primary job of a bread knife is to slice bread, and all bread knives should saw through the hard crust without compressing the tender and soft crumb. Most kitchen knives are not the ideal choice for this task. Unless you keep your knives extremely sharp, then a bread knife is the best bet for slicing through bread. If you have a problem choosing the right kind of knife, we have come to your rescue. Here are the Top 10 Best Bread Knives in 2017.

#10. Calphalon Classic Forged Cutlery 8-in. Bread Knife

10. Calphalon Classic Forged Cutlery 8-in.

Slicing of bread should be a quick task to do especially during those hungry mornings. This knife is made of high-quality carbon with a high-grade stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. This is a knife one needs if you want to have easy sessions during when preparing breakfast. The knife makes clean cuts from a block of bread. Its triple riveted and contoured handles ensure that that grip is tight when making those sleek cuts.

#9. Vos Ceramic Bread Knife- Serrated Blade Includes Protective Sheath

9. Vos Ceramic Bread Knife

One feature that makes this knife popular is that it is a multipurpose tool that can be used for slicing tomatoes, vegetable and fruits without sticking or tearing their soft interior. It’s perfectly balanced lightweight handle having the perfect ergonomics increases efficiency, and on top of that, it is dishwasher safe. The knife also comes with a rust free ultra-sharp ceramic blade that does not absorb oils acids or even salts.

#8. ZYLISS Bread Knife with Sheath Cover

8. ZYLISS Bread Knife

A knife that ensures safety is one that you cannot miss having in your kitchen. The ZYLISS Bread Knife comes with a protective sheath cover for keeping the cutting edge from getting dents and most importantly your hands from getting cut. The protective sheath is also an added advantage since it guards during travel, tailgating or even camping. The high-quality carbon handle will ensure that you make precise cuts through bread without getting hand fatigue.

#7. DALSTRONG Bread Knife – Gladiator Series – German HC Steel

7. DALSTRONG Bread Knife - Gladiator Series - German HC Steel

This knife boasts of leading cutting edge technology accompanied with stunning design elements and usage of premium materials in its design. This German knife has geometrically angled serrations that ensure comfortable and thin slicing with just a single stroke. If you want an award winning knife full of positive attributes to be part of your cutting experience, then look no further as this is the type of bread knife you need.

#6. Pure Komachi 2 Series Bread Knife

6. Pure Komachi 2 Series Bread Knife

Bread is food, and there is no better way of cutting bread than to do it with a knife whose handle is made out of bonding a food –safe Food and Drug Administration approved resin. The knife’s non-stick coating resists corrosion and makes cleaning simple. It also makes the blade cut bread with minimal force. Get yourself one at a very affordable price, and you will experience the slicing easiness that comes with having a stainless steel sharp cutting edge.

#5. Victorinox Cutlery 9-Inch Wavy Edge Bread Knife

5. Victorinox Cutlery 9-Inch Wavy Edge Bread Knife

Its antique design is an outstanding feature makes it stand out from the rest. If you are need of a bread knife with a high-grade carbon stainless steel blade that can be sharpened over and over without wearing and tearing, then leave out the rest and get this one. Its classy look makes it a perfect addition to your cutlery. Get one for your kitchen, and you will not regret it.

#4. Victorinox Fibrox 7-Inch Granton Edge Santoku Knife

4. Victorinox Fibrox 7-Inch Granton Edge Santoku Knife

This product can be viewed as a double sided knife in the sense that it combines features of a contemporary kitchen knife and a chef’s knife. Paying for once can be seen as getting two products for the price of one. The knife also comes with a patented Fibrox handle that is contoured to ensure it is slip resistant. The wide blade produces perfect and thin slices without food sticking to it.

#3. Victorinox Swiss Army 10.25 Inch Fibrox Pro Curved Bread Knife

3. Victorinox 10.25 Inch Serrated Bread Knife

This is a piece that has been crafted in Switzerland and recommended to be hand washed. Unlike the other bread knives, the blade to this one has been made from cold-rolled steel, a bolster-less edge that guarantees easy sharpening. We can assure you that this is the ultimate beast in this knife market. Get yourself one at affordable prices. The knife also has a carbon contoured handle for that perfect grip.

#2. Tojiro Bread Slice

2. Tojiro Bread Slice

This is the best serrated knife for cutting bread. This bread knife is also used for cutting pastries and cakes. It also comes in handy whole slicing larger fruits having a tough skin on the outside. It is available in both carbon and wooden handles. Having a wooden Tojiro Bread Slice keeps your hand’s warmer when cutting. This is a true mark of quality taking into account that a lot of attention and time was taken in designing this product.

#1. Victorinox 10.25 Inch Serrated Bread Knife with Fibrox Handle, 47547

1. Victorinox 10.25 Inch Serrated Bread Knife with Fibrox Handle, 47547

This is the world’s most known brand for making multi-tools and pocket knives. Its serrated cutting edge enables you to cut bread with crusty exteriors without crushing tender insides. The product comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, and it is recommended to be hand washed. The use of this knife will enable that you have accurate and precise slices. This product is the best compared to all the other bread knives available.

Regardless of the type of bread knife, you pick for slicing through bread ensure it has a serrated cutting edge. Bread knives come in different forms, but they all perform the same function. Prices should be a key factor in determining which type of knife you buy. A better price means that you need to make an order right away.

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