Top 10 Best Hot Yoga Mat Towel Reviews in 2019

Now get a hot yoga mat towel that not only dries you off but actually helps you with your yoga by provide a comfortable base to start and end your session on. Yoga was popularized in the 60s where it caught on in the California sun. Hippies and Love were everywhere and a new age of enlightenment was being preached. Since then Yoga as spread across all 50 states as well as in Asia. The focus is still the perfection of mind and spirit and it has now a plethora of ways to get you to whether your goals are physical or spiritual. Hot Yoga and Bikram are now two of the hottest styles of yoga. But, they will cause you to sweat a lot. For that reason, many have turned to towels as not only a way to stay dry but also cover the mats being used in Ashrams and studios everywhere. Today we have gathered 10 of the best. We are going to introduce them to you. Then you can find the one that matches the type of yoga you practice. Then the towel will help you get the most out of you meditation, postures, and poses, no matter, which of the 30+ styles of yoga being practiced today by Yogins from all over the world.

#10. Yoga Mate Perfect Hot Yoga Mat Towel

10. Yoga Mate Perfect Yoga Towel
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Whether you practice Hot Yoga or Bikram this towel will suit, your needs admirably as it absorbs perspiration and provides a comfortable cover for your mat. The material in a tie-dyed pattern that sets you apart and reminds you of the days when yoga was first made popular in the 60’s. Now you can practice any one of the 30+ styles of yoga and still have the towel that lets you do it all from the most difficult of Power Yoga workouts to serene meditation where you reach deep inside your inner being. Machine washable and wouldn’t slip or slide you have a great towel that lets you practice poses and meditate in comfort and be in perfect comfort at all times.

#9. Skidless Hot Bikram Hot Yoga Mat Towel

9. Skidless Hot Bikram Yoga Mat Towel
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Designed for Yogins in mind this towel has a distinctive Yoga themed pattern that lets them know what this towel is for. It comes with a stylish matching headband that keeps your hair and perspiration out of your eyes while you practice power Yoga or whichever other style of yoga is your thing. Machine washable it is hygienic and fights germs and bacteria on almost all yoga mats found at the studio or Ashram. It dries fast, is eco-friendly, and would slide once you lay it out. If you want to use it for meditation fold it in half and you have a comfortably sized cushion to practice Zazen or the full Lotus on while you enter that quiet state that opens the doors to the universe and relaxes the body in a world where peace and tranquility are at a premium.

#8. Intention Yoga Towel, Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel

8. Intention Yoga Towel
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Non-slippage is what you need along with absorption during your yoga class. Intention gives you this and much more. A no-nonsense towel has a 4-corner system that prevents slips and bunching while you practice your postures. It stays on the yoga mat where you put it firmly and further cushions you from the surface of the Ashram’s flooring. This also makes this the perfect outdoor meditation mat that lets you go to that spot where you feel comfortable and centered best. Whether it is on a mountain, near a bubbling brook, and in the deep woods, wherever you find peace and tranquility this mat goes and provides you with a comfortable base to practice your meditations from.

#7. Mettadali Hot Yoga Mat Towel, NEW Anchor Fit Corners

7. Mettadali Yoga Towel, NEW Anchor Fit Corners
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Mettadali is famous for their standing behind their products. You get a 100% lifetime guarantee with a hot yoga mat towel that is absorbent as well as ultra-soft to practice yoga upon. It covers those studio mats that often are contaminated by bacteria and germs. You are insulated and protected by a towel that fights them and fits with a specially designed four corner system that holds it securely in place no matter how strenuous the yoga session becomes. This towel beats out cotton & poly towels, is much thinner, and is light as a feather when you fold in into your yoga apparel bag. You get the most out of you yoga class and do it in perfect comfort and style.

#6. SYOURSELF Microfiber Sports and Travel Towel

5. SYOURSELF Microfiber Sports & Travel Towel
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This towel comes in a wide variety of designer colors and it dries 10 X faster than other towels you’ve used in the past. It’s also soft and you can use it not only for a yoga mat cover but alone on the ground when practicing outdoors in the light and cooling breeze of the morning or evening wherever you live. It makes perspiration vanish with just a swipe when you are done with your session and washes up like a normal towel in your washing machine. This folds into a compact size that fits into a Yogin’s carryall and weighs much less that a yoga mat so you can move freely about and not feel loaded down. It comes with a free mesh bag that attaches where you like via a convenient carabine and now you have a fashionable towel that goes to back from the Ashram or studio with style and panache.

#5. All-in-1 Sports & Hot Yoga Towel

4. All-in-1 Sports & Hot Yoga Towel
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Susama is the no-skid/slip towel you can use solo or to cover a studio provided mat with ease. Its large size can be used by itself in place of a mat and is much easier to carry with you. It coordinates with your yoga fashions and covers most any style of mat you find in studios today. It absorbs perspiration like a vacuum and is soft and comfortable when you are working on your poses. This towel is Eco-friendly and it makes the perfect gift for any yoga practitioner you know. To add to all that, it’s 100% microfiber and hypoallergenic and makes you feel fresh and clean after even the most strenuous sessions.

#4. Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel

3. Shandali Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel
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Instead of lugging a yoga mat around with you to your class, you now have the option of having a hot yoga mat towel that can do the same job and is much easier to carry as well. Super-soft, it wouldn’t slide or slip while you practice your postures, Bandha, and Mudras. This also, of course, functions as an absorbent towel as well to keep you dry and comfortable after your yoga session. If you decide to use it with a yoga mat, the microfiber blend when put over a studio yoga mat will protect you from contact with germs and dirt that can accumulate during or after a workout.

#3. MyQuest Microfiber Towel With Case

1. MyQuest Microfiber Towel With Case
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You can now have the crème Del a crème of hot yoga mat towels. This towel not only is there when you perspire but it has antimicrobial properties as well to protect you from the hidden dangers in the Ashram, locker room, and at the health club. You have the advantages of cotton without its drawbacks and this towel is ultra soft as well. With the new microfiber materials, you will think you have a second skin drying you better than the old cotton towels you may have been using in the past. It also comes in 3 sizes to cover any of your needs before or after your time on the mat.

#2. Syourself Yoga Towel, Yoga Mat Towel for Fitness, Exercise, Sports & Outdoors, Travel Bag

6. Syourself Yoga Towel
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The key with this towel is lightweight. You wouldn’t be bogged down going to your yoga class. It is also a bold fashion accessory if you use it as a wrap around for your yoga attire, as it comes in vibrant colors that catch the eye and set off your yoga-toned body for all to see. This is versatile and can be used to cover any 72′ X 24″ mat or you can use it by itself, as it will not slide of slip about once you lay it down. It will fold into a compact size that fits inside the accompanying travel bag and then you simply unfurl it anywhere where the environment and scenery provide you with the place to meditate and become one with the universe.

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#1. Alfamo Cooling Towel for Sports, Workout, Fitness, Gym, Yoga, Pilates, Travel, Camping

2. Alfamo Cooling Towels for Sports
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Not only can this act as a great towel it can convert in a flash to a bandanna wrap around skirt, and a neck wrap as well. This towel acts like a portable air conditioner as its special design works with absorption and evaporation of moisture so you not only keep dry but it uses your own perspiration as a cooling agent to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. It comes with a carry pouch and carabiner clip that attaches anywhere on your yoga gear bag. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about mildew or odor as carry pouch is treated with a bacteria-fighting agent that protects your towel when you are going from home to where you practice yoga whether it is a local studio or if you are headed to an Ashram in New Deli.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or a guru, you practice yoga with an eye to the perfection of mind body and soul. When Siddhartha discovered the way to yoke spirit, mind, and body together in the middle way to reach Nirvana people have been emulating his example for millennium now.

You are following in his footsteps with and mind-body system that has proven benefits and now you have a hot yoga mat towel that can aid you in your quest for health, peace of mind, and perhaps enlightenment.

Choose from the 10 we have displayed for you today and get more from your Yoga sessions and be dry and more comfortable as well.