Top 10 Best Toddler Pretend Play Toys in 2019 Reviews

Kids needs some toys which can make them enhance their creativity and we are right here with the best toddler pretend play toys which are great and we are sure that you and your kids will love them. They are advanced play toys with features that can be used with kids of all ages. Don’t let these best toddler pretend play toys pass you and we assure that they’ll offer your little one hours of fun. Add your best toddler pretend play toys in the cart and let your children have endless play.

#10. Fun Fisher-Price Cash Register Play Toys

10. Fun Fisher-Price Cash Register
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This is a wonderful learning tool which is easy to use and it doesn’t need batteries. Your little one will love watching the coins which comes down the ramp. Your little one will also turn the crank and hear the bell ring and then watch the drawer open. It comes with nine play plastic coins that your little one can play with. This item is kid-friendly and your little one will love the cute colors.

#9. Fisher-Price Little People Play Toys

9. Fisher-Price Little People
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Your kids will love playing with this item and they’re soft to touch. This farm animal will bring farming fun to your life and your little one will love these animals which are duck, pig, horse, sheep, llama, bunny, rooster and cow. It will teach your little one on how to take care of farm animal. Let them try them this holiday.

#8. VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone Play Toys

8. VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone
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This item features ten realistic phone apps which include clock, music, games and photos and it will enable your little one play and talk like dad and mom. It has patented phonebook and you can add and also tore up to five family/friend number which your little one can pretend to call. The voice activation will let your kids talk with friendly animated bird which is on the pretend phone screen.

#7. VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Play Toys

7. VTech Go! Go!
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Let this item enhance your kid’s creativity. This interactive role-play has a gas station and also a car wash and it will strengthen the fine motor skills of your little one. It has Vtech Smartpoint technology and it will trigger fun phrases and also music. It comes with two AAA batteries and it will ensure that your kids are busy when you have other things to do in the house.

#6. VTech Turn and Learn Driver Play Toys

6. VTech Turn and Learn Driver
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The steering wheel will enable your little one pretend to drive. It has five colorful buttons and your growing child will be introduced to different vehicles and animals. This toy has been designed to make kids creative and the traffic light will encourage imaginative play and it has signal lever which will trigger fun sounds as well as music. It has three play modes all to make your little one busy.

#5. Fisher-Price Little Noah’s Ark Play Toys

5. Fisher-Price Little Noah's Ark
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This item has animals which are ideal for your little one to discover them. The item is also removable which is great for additional nurturing play and it can easily snap back on to make storage a snap. The ark includes two elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes and Noah and all pieces can be stored inside. The toy can be used by kids with all ages.

#4. Magic of Disney Mickey and Minnie’s House Playset

4. Magic of Disney Mickey
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The front doors can open and close with ease. Your kids will be busy in kitchen playing with Minnie mouse and open and close the fridge. They can also put the Mickey Mouse in their chair and watch TV and so other great things which this toy will offer them. The color of this toy is cute and they will spend their day playing with the toy.

#3. People Animal Friends Farm Play Toys

3. People Animal Friends Farm
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Let your kids spend their time playing with this toy which has cute colors. It will also teach your kids what real farms are about and where animals live and also what they say. The toy will also teach your kids the role of farmers when it comes to taking care of farm animals. The toy come with animals and it will aid your kids know their sound.

#2. Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen Play Toys

2. Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen
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This item will make your little one enjoy their day and they will enjoy hearing the knife chopping, water pouring like in real kitchen and also eggs sizzling. It has four modes of play with app and it will create hours of fun. The kitchen will magically recognize accessories and also respond to your kid’s action and it will teach them cause and effect. The compatible mobile devices include Google, Samsung, Apple, Droid RAZR, Amazon Fire and HTC One.

#1. Princess Musical Dancing Palace Play Toys

1. Princess Musical Dancing Palace
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This item look very attractive and it has cool colors. Your little one will open the palace door and hear the trumpet fanfare and play two favorite Disney songs. You little one will also hear music, sounds and phrases when one spin lever to make the dance floor activated. Cinderella, Belle and Belle’s prince will welcome your kids to the royal ball.

These best toddler pretend plays toys will let your kids be busy throughout the day and you’ll have ample time to do your important activities. They have cute colors and their general appearances are fantastic and some of them have advanced features and can work with your Smartphone phones. These are what you need to make your little one busy. Get your best toddler pretend play toys and let your kids enhance their creativity.