Top 10 Best Ice Tongs in 2019 Reviews

Are you ready to keep your finger safe from those BBQ heat? Yes, we want you to order your best ice tongs which are versatile and offer perfect grips when selecting vegetables, fruits, ice cubes, cheese cubes and other cold foods. Get your best ice tong which features numerous teeth just to ensure that your ice cubes are gripped secure and also secure hold on your food as you turn them over. These products are also safe for serving slices of fruits such as lemon and also for bar equipment. grab yours best ice tongs today.

#10. HAPPYNUTS ICE TONGS Stainless Steel Food Tongs with Serrated Gripper

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The rigid grips are perfect to let you select fruit, ice cubes, cheese cubes, vegetables, deli meat cubes and much more. The numerous teeth are something cool and it will ensure that your ice cube is gripped perfectly when it is retrieved from the ice bucket. The item is made from premium stainless steel and has one piece construction which is ideal for durability.

#9. Alessi “Ovale” Ice Tongs

9. Alessi
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The item is designed for lifetime use and it will never rust. it also offer secure grip and great for picking up vegetables, ice cubes, fruits and much more and then you can wash it in the dishwasher. The item is easy to grip and its ergonomic design is great for your dining room. The item is mirror polished and offer wonderful services for couple of years.

#8. Savage 5 7/10″ Ice Tongs Stainless Steel

8. Savage 5 7/10
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Get this tong and it will give you the services you have been demanding. It has little cup that will hold anything solid nicely and it is strong to prevent breakage. It has mirror finishing which look amazing and the tong is a-must have for normal bar and also restaurant uses. The stainless steel construction is of high-quality and offer lifetime services.

#7. Savage 7″ Ice Tongs Stainless Steel

7. Savage 7
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Forget those cheap tongs which are fond in restaurants and think about this one which has solid construction. The tong has thick stainless steel construction and what you’ll love it that it will never bend out of its shape and they will last for entire lifetime. It will also look good on your dining table and great with fresh veggies and drip traps.

#6. Adcraft TBL-7 Stainless Steel Claw-Style Ice Tongs

6. Adcraft TBL-7 Stainless Steel
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The claw-style tong is great for lifting ice cubes and then places them into your container or glass and let your friends watch your well made tong doing its amazing work. The claw is made of stainless steel and look like bird’s feet and it will allow you to grab and then move your ice cubes. The tong will resist rust, bending and corrosion and you can wash and wipe it.

#5. YIJIA Stainless Steel Tea Bag Tongs

5. YIJIA Stainless Steel
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Forget that wide tea tong because it will not fit perfectly on your average size of coffee mug and this about this tong which has standard size to fit your tea mug. You can hang it on your mug after you squeeze your tea bag and then realize that you don’t have the place set down the tong then you can hang it on the mug but it will never awkward but beautiful. Try it

#4. Newness Stainless Steel Ice Tongs

4. Newness Stainless Steel Ice Tongs
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It is made of stainless steel which is safe, simple, durable, modern, versatile and comfortable to use. The tong is effortless to clean and you can hand wash it to enhance its durability. The item offer versatility in the home kitchen, bar, buffet and other jobs such as gripping vegetables, fruits and ice cubes or condiments. The perfect grip teeth are ideal for gripping items.

#3. Elegance Silver 86242 Plated Ice Tongs

3. Elegance Silver 86242
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The elegance silver is what is the missing ingredients to your great dinner party and this is the right time you need the tong. The tong is great for your commercial kitchen, home kitchen or occasion and its beautiful design will make your dining table look awesome and this thing is perfect for parties. It is also great for constant and everyday use.

#2. OXO SteeL Ice Tongs

2. OXO SteeL Ice Tongs
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The soft curves and sleek lines make this tong the best and it will bring function and style to your kitchen. This item is great for daily and constant use because it is built to last and its sharp teeth is ideal for making ice grabbing effortless and the ergonomic design is comfortable in hands. The rounded edges are ideal for preventing nicks on your glassware.

#1. 16″ Luxury Oak Barbecue Grill Tongs

1. 16
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The long handle is what you will like and it will prevent your hands from burning. The comfortable grip will make your hands cool as you cook and the stainless steel will ensure durability and it will look stylish years to come. The stainless steel surfaces are a breeze to clean which is great for your convenience. Grab it and enjoy cooking.

Imagine that these ice tongs are the best in their class and they will never allow you burn your fingers from the BBQ heat. They also have comfortable grip and they handles will stay cool all time and give you amazing grip and it will look amazing in your dining table. They’re also breeze to clean and they will always look stylish in your kitchen. Add yours to your cart today.