Top 10 Best Golf Gloves in 2019 Reviews

Golfers know the importance of having quality golfing equipment to ensure that you’re always playing your best. Golf gloves are essential to help you perfect your shot and improve your game. When it comes to golf gloves, fit is one of the most important aspects so you should always try several styles on to find what is most comfortable.

When shopping for gold gloves you should find a pair that are made of durable materials that won’t wear out quickly. It’s also important to find gloves that are breathable to help keep your hands dry and free of sweat so that it doesn’t interfere with your game. The following is a list of the Top 10 Best Gold Gloves in 2019 based on reviews.

#10. FootJoy Golf Rain-Ready Rain Grip Golf Glove

10. FootJoy Golf Rain-Ready Rain Grip Golf Glove
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This pair of golf gloves from Footjoy is made with durable material that is weatherproof so that you can play in any type of weather. They are also breathable and dry quickly to help keep hands dry. These gloves offer a secure fit and are very comfortable to wear. The set of gloves also includes a golf towel for use in different types of inclement weather. They provide enough grip for an accurate swing without being too tight on the hands.

#9. Bionic Men’s Performance Grip Golf Glove

9. Bionic Men's Performance Grip Golf Glove
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The Bionic Men’s golf gloves is available for either left hand dominant or right hand dominant players. This glove providers a lighter grip and flexibility to help you get the perfect shot. The glove was designed to be comfortable and it conforms withe USGA rules. It’s flexible and is made of material that helps to manage sweat and moisture so that it doesn’t interfere with your game.

#8. Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves

8. Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves
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This pair of golf gloves come in several different sizes for a custom fit. They are thick enough to provide warmth and protection from cold weather but still offer the flexibility and grip needed for playing golf. The gloves have a stylish look and are red and black with black details. They work well for golfing in low temperatures and can also help with mild wet weather.

#7. easyglove FLAG_USA-1 Men’s Golf Glove

7. easyglove FLAG_USA-1 Men's Golf Glove
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This glove from easyglove has a stylish USA flag theme and are white with red and blue accents. The gloves are available in several different sizes and are made to wear on the left hand. The glove is made from synthetic material with a leather palm for a textured grip. The glove has lycra between each finger for flexibility and comfort.

#6. Callaway Men’s Thermal Grip Golf Gloves

6. Callaway Men's Thermal Grip Golf Gloves
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Callaway Thermal Grip gloves come in a set and are designed to repel water and keep the wind off the hands. These gloves are made from synthetic leather to provide grip in the palm area. They have fleece lining to help keep hands warm. They have a microfiber outer shell and are thin and light, while also having a secure fit. They can work well in all types of weather to keep hands warm and dry.

#5. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

5. FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves
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This pair of FootJoy gloves is made from waterproof nylon with a WeatherShied fleece layer to repel water and keep warmth in. These gloves are ideal for playing in cold and wet weather. They are flexible and offer a custom fit, while providing plenty of grip with the Sure Grip palm. They have an extended knit palm to keep the wrists warm and also have reflective piping for better visibility.

#4. Zero Friction Men’s Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove

4. Zero Friction Men's Compression-Fit Synthetic Golf Glove
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This golf glove comes in one size that should fit most golfers to provide an improved grip. The glove is available for right or left hands and comes in many different color options. It has an all weather palm that provides grip. The back of the glove is made from microfiber. These gloves have lycra mesh throughout the fingers to provide flexibility and to allow the hands to dry quickly from sweat or other moisture.

#3. Nice Shot Golf Glove “The Bird”

3. Nice Shot Golf Glove
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This golf glove from Nice Shot is made from Premium Cabretta Leather and has a unique and stylish design. The glove is water and sweat resistant to provide an increased grip for your gold game. It is available for the right or left hand and also comes in several different sizes. This glove is durable and can easily last through many hours of intense play.

#2. Callaway Men’s Xtreme 365 Golf Gloves

2. Callaway Men's Xtreme 365 Golf Gloves
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This pack of two golf gloves from Callaway are made from flexible material for a custom fit that provides excellent flexibility. They have reinforced synthetic leather for durability in all types of weather. They are moisture wicking and breathable to keep hands free of sweat and to prevent slipping in inclement weather. They also work well to keep hands warm when playing in cold temperatures.

#1. FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves

1. FootJoy Golf- MLH WeatherSof Golf Gloves
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This pair of two gloves from FootJoy are designed to provide long lasting grip and are durable enough to last through many hours of use. They have a comfortable fit that provides enough grip for accuracy, while also being flexible. They are designed for use in any type of weather and are made with Cabretta leather and microfiber.

The golf gloves you wear can make or break your game, especially when play in inclement weather. It’s important to have a quality glove that fits well and keeps your hands dry and warm. These gloves come in many different materials and many are made with a combination of materials to fit and offer flexibility. Leather is a great option for durability but you also should look for a stretchy material that ensures you can grip the club without stiffness.

When shopping for a golf glove, it can be helpful to read reviews from others to find objective information on the gloves you’re looking at. If you plan on playing in cold weather, it’s important to find a glove that is designed to keep in warmth. Gloves that help to wick away moisture can also be very helpful for playing well and always having an accurate shot.