Top 10 Best Audio and Video Turntables For Home In 2017 Reviews

Having a turntable is now common among many homes as they bring a nostalgic feeling. You will love the incredible sound that they produce. The plinth which holds the turntable so that it is stable should be considered. There are those made of plastic, metal or wood. You should get one that will complement your home décor. The simplicity of which you can change the cartridge, needle, and stylus so that it gives you high-quality sound is also an attribute worth looking at. This article gives you the unique features of the best audio and video turntables that you can get to have incredible entertainment with friends and family.

#10. Fluance High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

10. Fluance High Fidelity Vinyl Turntable

This is a belt driven turntable that has been made with top-notch materials so that it can last long. It has a balanced aluminum S-type tone arm that will ensure that you get clear audio as it rests deeply in your records groove. The AT95E Audio Technica cartridge ensures that you get clarity from your audio making it a high performer. The beautiful walnut finish will complement your home.

#9. Audio Technica AT-LP60BK-USB Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

9. Audio Technica AT-LP60BK-USB

You can now combine both modern and ancient to get high-quality sound. It is a full automatic driven turntable. It is compatible with PC and Mac so that you can have endless entertainment in your home. It also enables you to convert your vinyl records into digital audio files. It has two speeds that you can use to customize your sound.

#8. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

7. Victrola Nostalgic 3-Speed Vintage

With the suitcase design that this turntable has, you can easily carry it around with you anywhere you go. It is not corded and there no worrying about wires tangling. It has inbuilt Bluetooth that can quickly pair with other devices. It has three speeds that you can use to enjoy your vinyl records. There is also RCA Aux-in and headphone jack. It delivers quality sound with the stereo speakers that it has.

#7. ION Audio Max LP | 3-Speed Belt Drive Turntable

6. ION Audio Max LP

Transform your household from ordinary to extraordinary with this elegant turntable that has a wood grain finish. It also has a dust cover that you use to keep it clean. You have three speeds that you can choose to customize the audio of your vinyl records. It comes with a USB port which you can connect it to a PC or Mac. It will quickly convert your vinyl records into digital files.

#6. Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable

5. Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable

Get this turntable that has an antique wooden case design. 33, 45 and 78RPM are the three speeds that you can use to listen to your favorite albums. It also has an FM stereo indicator that you can use. AM/FM stereo receiver is also an added feature. To have maximum fun, you can use the external stereo speaker output terminals. There is also a headphone jack. Cover it using the dust cover that comes with it.

#5. Victrola Nostalgic Classic Wood 6-in-1 Bluetooth Turntable

4. Victrola VTA-200B Nostalgic Classic 6-In-1

This turntable also has a CD player, FM radio, and cassette player so that you have an endless entertainment using it. It also has inbuilt Bluetooth that you can use to pair it with other Bluetooth enabled devices. There are also stereo speakers built in it, and it has no cords. It has a unique craftsmanship that will make you feel nostalgic.

#4. 1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Stereo Turntable

3. 1byone Belt-Drive Turntable

This turntable is beautifully designed with natural wood to make it attractive and complement most home décor. It also has a dust cover that you can use to protect it against dust. It has playback controls, and you can transform your vinyl records to MP3 format so that you listen to them on other devices. Connect it to your home system with the RCA output. It has front facing speakers.

#3. Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Turntable with Built in Speakers

2. Jensen JTA-230

You can easily adjust the three speed that this turntable has with the pitch controls. You will also have volume and tone control. It comes with a USB for converting your vinyl records to MP3 format. It also has a power indicator and auto stop switch. Have an amazing time using it as you can connect it to your iPod and any other digital audio player.

#2. Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe Portable 3-Speed Turntable with Bluetooth

8. Crosley CR8005D-TU Cruiser Deluxe

This turntable gives you three speeds that you can utilize to customize your sound and enjoy it just the way you like it. It has an inbuilt Bluetooth receiver that you can use to have an incredible entertainment. You can easily carry it around. There is also an RCA and headphone jack that you can use to listen to your music privately. It is belt driven and has attractive colors that can blend well with many home décor.

#1. Audio Technica AT-LP60BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

1 Audio Technica AT-LP60BK

Audio Technica is a fully automatic belt driven turntable that you can use with the two speeds to enjoy your favorite albums and vinyl records. The diamond stylus is replaceable so that it can give you a rich sound. The cartridge is integral dual-magnet phono. There is also an inbuilt switchable pre-amplifier phono on it. Have an incredible entertainment connecting it to your home system with the RCA output.

Old is gold, and you can now listen to your favorite albums using these turntables that are discussed in this article. The RCA output also lets you use them for modern entertainment and have fun with friends and family. You can change your vinyl records to digital files so that you can enjoy continuous music.


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